禾東創意 2010 年 8 月成立於臺灣台北。前進的小獅子是我們勇於挑戰、常懷赤子之心的象徵。我們來自平凡的背景,但創意總能帶來驚喜,多年來認識了眾多領域的朋友(客戶),也因為信任,鞏固了這份情誼。不論是數位、平面、動畫影片、APP,創造美好的事物,都讓我們更欣賞彼此。

In August, 2010, Hodong Creative is established in Taipei, Taiwan. The charging lion represents our determination to take challenges and the symbol of our pure heart. Our creativity always brings amazing ideas regardless to the ordinary background. Over the years, we have come to know lots of friends(clients) from various industries, and strengthened our friendship through the trust.Our persistence to revealing the beauty of life through digital images, photos, animations or APPs is recognized and supported by our clients, and we are grateful for your supports.



Through the collaboration of various professions, we can strongly feel the devotion and ambition from the talented Hodong Creative team,
and are certainly inspired by having such identical perspective with them.